Secure VPS phpMyAdmin with maximum protection

Provided that you have phpMyAdmin installed on your VPS, you should secure it as much as you can to protect your databases. I use Centos on my VPS and these instructions are for Centos. First of all, when you install phpMyAdmin on your VPS, you will have to configure your ip address into phpMyAdmin.conf that […]

1&1 Shared Hosting Unethical Billing Practice

For over a decade, I have recommended 1&1 as a hosting provider to my clients. This was in part due to their extraordinary customer service and their server uptime. They also offered a very cost effective option for hosting multiple sites. Over the years, 1&1 has gone from having excellent customer service to mediocre at […]

Paypal Security Notice – New payment security standards coming into effect

Paypal is sending a security notice to online merchants that states: Security and safety are our top priorities. We’re in the process of implementing a series of security upgrades this year. These upgrades ensure our security measures continue to be a model for best practice and incorporate industry standards. Most importantly, the upgrades will allow […]

Lost Password in WordPress

Good morning, It has been quite sometime since I have posted anything here as my job has kept me very busy. Fortunately, I have made a significant career move in the past couple weeks and I will have much more time to post here. Frankly, I am glad to be back! Today I am going […]

Create custom url extensions with php

It is been an extremely long time since I have posted due to a whole lot going on. I used to be an avid user of Commission Junction but again, I have been way to busy to even login to CJ in a couple of years. That being said, I am just logging into CJ […]

Server Side Un-Zipping Files

I am back from a super long hiatus and would like to say that I have had a lot of things going and haven’t been able to focus on writing. Hopefully, I will be able to post more frequently again, now. That said, I have had many people ask me over the course of the […]

Creating a php/MySQL Hit Counter

I am not sure how many people actually use a hit counter anymore, but I have installed one on my personal site, to keep up with the post views. When I wrote the database, I included the hits and just decided to make that information public knowledge. I have a couple of posts that […]

CJ WebServices WordPress Plugin

Years ago, I posted on how to make the connection to CJ through the SOAP and REST calls. I haven’t played with the code for CJ in sometime as my account was closed due to inactivity (didn’t have time to focus on affiliate marketing.) I am not sure if anything is deprecated with the REST […]

Bootstrap Framework

I have been very hands on with Bootstrap over the past couple of weeks and have to say that I absolutely love it! If your site is in need of a major overhaul, or you simply need some minor work done – you should really consider using this framework. I gave my personal site a […]