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Round 2 with 1&1 Internet Hosting

I previously posted this year about having issues with 1&1 and an unethical billing practice. Now, I have run into another issue with 1&1 relating to an Instant Domain contract that I have with them. For years, I have done business with 1&1. I used 1&1 for all of my hosting and domains until this […]

Consolidate Several WordPress Sites Into One

Hello guys! If you are considering shutting down your old WordPress site and move it to another domain, it is extremely easy to do. Simply login to the admin panel on both installations. On both sites, you will hover over the Tools menu. On the old site, click Export. This should start a download to […]

VPS or Shared Hosting

There are many out there who are considering starting a website for the very first time. Not only is picking a domain name a hard decision because most will have to create a brand, but choosing where to host your site is equally as important or even more important.  Having the wrong hosting company can […]