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Cut the cable

Through recent years, I have heard friends speak about cutting the cables and saving money. Unfortunately, in rural Alabama, this wasn’t a viable option because of poor options with internet and spotty, at best, cellular coverage. Dish Network cost almost $200 month for TV and internet! Not to mention that the internet had a 20gb/month […]

Round 2 with 1&1 Internet Hosting

I previously posted this year about having issues with 1&1 and an unethical billing practice. Now, I have run into another issue with 1&1 relating to an Instant Domain contract that I have with them. For years, I have done business with 1&1. I used 1&1 for all of my hosting and domains until this […]

T-Mobile One – What You Need To Know

T-Mobile has, once again, upped the bar for wireless carriers. Through their series of “uncarrier” moves, they have changed the way that wireless phones should be used. First it was unlimited music streaming from a plethora of sites. Then they provided customers with “binge on” where you could stream video from a wide range of […]

CentOS Lamp Server

It doesn’t matter what operating system is installed on your computer, you can install a fully functional LAMP server for CentOS in the matter of minutes on your personal computer. This tutorial will show you how in the matter of minutes. In this tutorial, we will install CentOS on a virtual machine. We will also […]

Consolidate Several WordPress Sites Into One

Hello guys! If you are considering shutting down your old WordPress site and move it to another domain, it is extremely easy to do. Simply login to the admin panel on both installations. On both sites, you will hover over the Tools menu. On the old site, click Export. This should start a download to […]

WordPress Security Plugins – WordFence

New or old to WordPress, if your site doesn’t have a security plugin installed, your site is vulnerable to attacks. Today, I am going to focus on a couple of great WordPress security plugins. We will walk through the complete set up these plugins to optimize the performance of your site. WordFence I am an […]

7 Best WordPress Plugins

7 best WordPress plugins and 7 more must have WordPress plugins that every WordPress user should consider having in their installation. A number of my clients ask me to help them with what WordPress plugins they will need. This list was compiled accordingly. I hope that you find these WordPress plugins useful. WordFence Security  Having […]

VPS or Shared Hosting

There are many out there who are considering starting a website for the very first time. Not only is picking a domain name a hard decision because most will have to create a brand, but choosing where to host your site is equally as important or even more important.  Having the wrong hosting company can […]

Secure VPS phpMyAdmin with maximum protection

Provided that you have phpMyAdmin installed on your VPS, you should secure it as much as you can to protect your databases. I use Centos on my VPS and these instructions are for Centos. First of all, when you install phpMyAdmin on your VPS, you will have to configure your ip address into phpMyAdmin.conf that […]

Lost Password in WordPress

Good morning, It has been quite sometime since I have posted anything here as my job has kept me very busy. Fortunately, I have made a significant career move in the past couple weeks and I will have much more time to post here. Frankly, I am glad to be back! Today I am going […]