Round 2 with 1&1 Internet Hosting

1&1 Internet is a large sam

I previously posted this year about having issues with 1&1 and an unethical billing practice. Now, I have run into another issue with 1&1 relating to an Instant Domain contract that I have with them.

For years, I have done business with 1&1. I used 1&1 for all of my hosting and domains until this year.

The latest problems are:

1.) If you turn off auto renew and cancel a domain in your package, they still charge you for that domain.

2.) You user control panel, is apparently worthless.

I have cancelled three domains this year and have still been charged for them. The whois data on these domains show them registered immediately by another person through another registrar, yet I have been charged for these domains. I am slowly but surely moving domains from them to other registrars simply because the domains that I had registered were registered for several years at a time. I am also filing a complaint with BBB, FTC, and my attorney general’s office to see if charges can be brought against this company.



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