VPS or Shared Hosting

There are many out there who are considering starting a website for the very first time. Not only is picking a domain name a hard decision because most will have to create a brand, but choosing where to host your site is equally as important or even more important. 

Having the wrong hosting company can result in significant downtime, slow connection time that will cost you points with Google and other search engines, and can even be a financial strain because some of these companies conduct themselves in an unethical manner.

Probably the single most important thing that you will need to ask yourself is do you want to be on shared hosting or have your own virtual private server. Both have pros and cons.

If you choose to use shared hosting, it is probably in your best interest to use BlueHost. BlueHost is probably the most recommended hosting provider out there not only because of their impressive uptime but also because of their ease of use. While I do not use BlueHost, my wife did in the past before I started hosting her site (prior to our getting married.)

BlueHost support will walk you through installing a script on your site and, it is my understanding, they will even install it for you if you have problems.

If you choose to use a virtual private server, my recommendation is OVH. OVH offers VPS hosting for as little as $3.49 per month. OVH will require a certain amount of knowledge unless you want WordPress hosting for one site.

Here are the Pros and Cons:


Shared Server VPS
Ease of Use Full Control
Multiple Domains Multiple Domains
Security Multiple SSL certificates
Unlimited Webspace most of the time Configured to your specs


Shared IP Address  Technical knowledge required
Slower load times when congested  

As you can see, I don’t necessarily have a lot of cons regarding either one of the two options. To set up a VPS, you don’t really have to have a lot tech knowledge but coming into it, it helps to understand basic UNIX commands. Very soon, I am going to publish an entire section on configuring a VPS with OVH. Again, it is only $3.49 per month or $41.88 per year. Use that in conjunction with SSL certificates that can be purchased for as little as $2.99 per year and you will be way ahead if you want to host multiple domains. And, by the way, 10GB of disk storage is quite a bit unless you own a huge department store and are going to list every product that you have with HD images.

Stay tuned as this week I will show you how to setup a VPS from OVH, configure the VPS to run multiple sites with SSL certificates, and setup an active MX server for email forwarding. 

I also intend to include videos for you to see as well. I look forward to seeing you!            



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