Bootstrap Framework

I have been very hands on with Bootstrap over the past couple of weeks and have to say that I absolutely love it! If your site is in need of a major overhaul, or you simply need some minor work done – you should really consider using this framework.

I gave my personal site a major overhaul two weeks ago to the generic bootstrap design. I spent part of the morning this morning working out the kinks and building a design that I actually like. (Visit it

I then built a custom php script that will be good for rock bands. It, too, is built with bootstrap powering the HTML engine. You can check this out at

What does this have to with php, you may ask. I will tell you. No matter if you are using osCommerce, WordPress, or any other php script, you can power your site’s front end with BootStrap.

I am going to write a WordPress theme and will make it available for free. If you WordPress, please stop in and download your copy. You will also be able to find the download links at and I may even place it for direct download through




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